One of the missions of Polytech Nantes is to train engineers with a high level of scientific knowledge. This objective can only be achieved if the school is supported by quality research teams. Numerous achievements and publications have lead to the international renown of the research teams and labs at Polytech Nantes. Pre-doctoral and PhD research is also open to students who wish to participate in such research.

The University Environment

The setting-up of research teams at Polytech Nantes is not limited to those working at Polytech Nantes, but is opened to other partners and members of the University of Nantes (IUT of Nantes, IUT of Saint-Nazaire, UFR des Sciences et des techniques) as well as other institutions in Nantes (Ecole Centrale, IMT Atlantique). Such an environment encourages cooperative research and a sharing of skills and knowledge.

The link to the business world

The school's approach to research is to establish balance between experimental and established research practices. The strength of our research labs lies in a number of research contracts with businesses, most notably small ones, as well as significant involvement in European and international collaborations. Several small businesses have even been created thanks to the innovations of the school's researchers.