Polytech Nantes is split between two sites :

The site of La Chantrerie in Nantes

Vue aérienne du site de la Chantrerie à Nantes
This site is home to 5 Grandes Ecoles, with over 2.000 students, two university restaurants, a technology library, as well as about 30 businesses at Atlanpole which deal in advanced technology, all set against a stunning backdrop, the banks of the Erdre, declared "the most beautiful river in France" by François I, king of France.

The Gavy site at Saint-Nazaire

Vue aérienne du site de Gavy à St-Nazaire
Nestled amongst the aeronautics and shipbuilding industries of saint-Nazaire, the Gavy site is graced with an industrial port environment. This campus also benefits from its proximity to the exceptional Guérande Peninsula and a number of seaside resorts.