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Polytech Nantes, a French "Grande Ecole"

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Polytech Nantes is the graduate engineering school of University of Nantes. It's accredited by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (CTI), the French institution which awards engineering degrees.

Polytech Nantes is a founding member of the Polytech group, a network of 14 graduate engineering schools. The school is a part of an academically stimulating and scientificallydriven environment. Polytech Nantes is proud to offer a complete and comprehensive engineering education programme  thanks to its  strong links with the business world, both at national and international levels.

Campus Chantrerie

The Chantrerie campus is located at the heart of "Atlanpole", the technology park of Nantes. Its modern buildings and well equipped buildings provide an ideal learning environment for engineering students. Engineering students benefit from an ideal learning environment.

Campus Gavy

Nestled amongst the aeronautics and shipbuilding industries of Saint-Nazaire, the Gavy campus enjoy an industrial harbor environment. This campus also benefits from its proximity to the exceptional Guérande Peninsula and a number of seaside resorts.

What is a French Grande École ?

In France, 'Grandes Écoles' are higher educational institutions that are prestigious and very selective.  Most of  the managers and executives  from the industry and business graduate from the  'Grandes Écoles'.

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Key figures

  • 3 campuses: Nantes, Saint-Nazaire and Roche-sur-Yon
  • 6,200 graduate in the workforce
  • 1,120 current students
  • 300 students take part in our special "Parcours des écoles d'ingénieurs Polytech (PeiP)", which corresponds to the first two years of a scientific degree
  • 350 engineering graduate per year
  • 200 PhD Students
  • 127 academic staff
  • 7 associated research laboratories

Discover Polytech Nantes: a video presentation