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Computer Science

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An engineer of Polytech Nantes who specialises in Computer Science with a focus either in Business Intelligence (ID) or in Information systems : software and networks (SILR) is a generalist engineer who has a solid understanding of operational computerised business systems and tools.


The main function of engineers in Computer Science is to design strategic or operational information systems enabling them to fulfill the needs of companies and implement the computer solutions. These solutions may include obtaining, transforming, storing, manipulating, communicating, visualising basic information and data generated on a daily basis by businesses (structured, semi-structured, textual and/or multimedia), as well as practical and strategic understanding - ensuring performance, reactivity, and long-lasting solutions for the enterprise. Skills in software engineering and project management allow one to analyse, conceive, develop and launch, in complete security, deliver and maintain applications or complex software tools that store and communicate information in databases, proprietary systems, servers, mobile devices, etc.
Managerial skills allow one to discuss with clients and their companies' departments, organise the work to be done by the development team, manage the budgets, and keep deadlines.



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