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Erasmus Mundus master course in Data Mining and Knowledge Management

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Polytech Nantes
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Initial education

The primary social and economic value of modern societies is Knowledge.
For this reason, mastery of technologies able to abstract dormant knowledge from information, recorded in Datawarehouses or the web, is indispensable for a sustainable development of both the individual and the society.
Data mining and knowledge management (DMKM) has become essential for improving the competitiveness of businesses and increasing access to knowledge. DMKM still comes up, however, against major scientific and technological obstacles. This EMMC's degree in DMKM proposes specialist training in this field.


The main objective of the Master is to teach the students the approaches and the informatics tools necessary to perform effective Data Mining and Knowledge Management. A further goal of the Master is to initiate the students to the theoretical and/or applied research methodologies in this field.

We can summarize the main objectives of the EMMC in DMKM in two points:

  • Training high-skilled engineers and researchers in DMKM to fit both industry and academic research needs.

  • Creating an international scientific collaboration network directed by a European consortium. Through teaching and research, this network will be able to:
    • Enhance knowledge in the DMKM domain;
    • Create new opportunities to improve the links between Europe and the third countries in scientific and industrial domains;
    • Promote intercultural approaches in the related domains.


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